JPA offers professional geospatial services related to Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Geomatics (Surveying), along with Mapping and Infrastructure Management.  JPA performs all types of projects related to asset or infrastructure mapping, modeling, development, or database management.

JPA has experienced substantial growth within the geospatial market.  JPA also has considerable experience with utility managers, GIS professionals, analysts, engineers, surveyors, regulatory agencies, natural resource managers, planners, and public administration officials. New clients are constantly being developed, while existing clients maintain the same high level of service JPA has always offered.  Give JPA an opportunity to serve you, and you will see why JPA is growing rapidly alongside the future of technology.

J Pierce and Associates LLC has over seventeen years of experience as a Geographic Information System Professional (GISP #00055363) and Professional Land Surveyor (AL PLS #30816).